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Key points:

  • Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 created during Carter Administration.
  • Under the Clinton Administration, the Democrat Congress poured fire on it by enacting the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999.
  • This created the environment for predatory lending by Wall Street and was guaranteed by Fannie and Freddie.
  • Banks were sued if they did not make loans to low-income, minority consumers.
  • John McCain warned Congress about these problems (So did Ron Paul).
  • Congress did not listen.
  • Media did not report.
  • Why would they? Home prices were skyrocketing because of the flood of buyers (re: demand) into market compared to the limited supply of homes.
  • Low-income consumers begain to default on their loans they could not afford.
  • Banks began to foreclose.
  • Housing prices began to tank. The Market began to get nervous.
  • Congress did NOTHING.
  • A veritable snowball of foreclosures continued. Housing prices bottomed out.
  • Fannie/Freddie and Wall Street fat cats jumped ship with “golden parachutes” (one as much as $25 million) because of “accounting inaccuracies.”
  • Henry Paulson firmly plucks a number out of the air (or some other orafice) and tells Congress it will cost $700 Billion to fix this mess.
  • The House does not pass the “Bailout Bill.”
  • The Market dives 777 points.
  • The Senate, ignoring the Constitution, takes a tabled bill about mental health and adds approximately $700 Billion to it with some provisions to bailout the economy. It passes.
  • The House, which narrowly defeated the bill just four days earlier, decides it is a better idea to pass the aformentioned un-Constitutional Bill sent from the Senate, with an additional $110 Billion of bacon attached. (Apparently in the current economic climate of thousands of foreclosures, repossessions, lay-offs and unenployment, not to mention and expensive two-pronged war in the Middle East, it is way more palatable to foist over $810 Billion on the taxpayers of the US and not just $700 Billion). Good idea.
  • With the Bush Administration, Treasury Secretary, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Democratic Leadership, Republican Leadership and the Mainstream Media (MSM) telling us we “need” this bailout bill, or we will be living in a recession/depression until the next ice age, the Dow drops another 157 points on the great news!
  • The President signs the bill into Law.

In the immortal words of Inego:

…let me ‘xplain…no, no…there’s no time for that…let me sum up…

Much has happened with my family since last you left the hero, here is a summary:

  • Eeyore is a Cub Scout (technically Bear Scout) and loves it.
  • Rabbit, Eeyore and Pooh (Tigger was too young) all played Upwards basketball and improved greatly over the season. This was Rabbit’s second season and she improved so much over the previous season!
  • All four children took swimming lessons and competed for an inter-country club swim team. I swam competitively in high school about 1,000 years ago…so this was cool to watch.
  • Woodpeckers have invaded our home! A family of these delightful creatures have pecked three, er, four holes in the side of our home and built a nest in the stud cavity which happens to be just above the headboard of the master bed. Momma must bring fat juicy worms home for breakfast because the crew is very active in the early mornings! Note to self: I need to remedy this…
  • All of the kids are progressing nicely in their mastery of piano.
  • I got my wife Pride & Prejudice (2005) and Sense & Sensibility (1995) as gifts in the last year. At one point, she watch both movies three times each PLUS the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (re: 6 hours long) all within one month! Talk about chick flick central!
  • I also got my wife a Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop for Christmas and installed a wireless network in our home. Now when she hangs out at Panera and Starbucks, she can be cool and surf the ‘net while sipping her Grande Decaf White Chocolate Mocha. Quite the technophile, she is!
  • Last summer…we mulched!
  • We also picked up a TV show we enjoy: Chuck.
  • We hosted our 9th Annual Superbowl Party and was pleased as punch that Shady Brady and Belli-cheat could not complete their perfect* season.

This is a favorite of my kids…

In an age where boys sit on the couch, play video games and eat crap, this book is a breath of fresh air. Literally, boys will go outside. This book is so dangerous because it lets boys be boys, not the mamby-pamby, effeminate, androgynous version of what our politically-correct culture foists on us.

I purchased A Dangerous Book for Boys last week for my son…and I. This is going to be a fun summer!

I pray that this will be a summer of bruised knees, courage, and exploration.

Thanks CoffeeSwirls!

[HT: Neatorama]

My church played this message at our Good Friday service.

What is BIGGER than the Superbowl?

According to Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts:

According to Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears:

Visit Beyond the Ultimate to see more.

Here is my response to CoffeeSwirl’s post entitled “Divided Loyalties.”

Even with the most specatcular offensive in the NFL for the past few seasons, the talk of the town this post season has been our Defense.

Go Colts!

BTW, here are a few cool football-related sites:

for the Colts, notice the “D-Fence” and the “Off-Fence”

AFC Champions Indianapolis Colts


NFC Chumpions Chicago Bears

We have hosted a Superbowl party for the last eight years, but this year will be the best, since the home team will be on the screen!

Miami, here we come: SUPERBOWL XLI.

Manly advice from the mouth of babes


His threefold application (if I understand him correctly) is:

  1. Protect them.
  2. Open the door for them.
  3. Do “boy jobs” (like taking out the garbage).

Daniel, thanks for your wisdom beyond your years!

You know, if every man would take care of their ladies in these manners, the ladies may become accustomed to this behavior; then what would the world come to?

I pray that my son acts in this manner (because he has seen his father model this behavior) and that my daughters would become accustomed to this behavior, respond appropriately and never settle for less.

Fool on, Daniel!

This is how it went down last Friday:

[Ring, Ring…]

Me: (picking up my cellphone and seeing it is my wife calling at 3:30 pm) Hello, honey!

Wife: (not bothering to say “hello, I love you my darling husband” but I can tell, with teeth clenched…) Your daughter has locked the dog in the bathroom just because she wanted to!

Me: (chuckling) ugh, which one?


Me: (I still can’t believe I said this…) Isn’t it naptime now? Shouldn’t she be in bed?


I told you that story so that I could tell you this one:

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