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I now thow my fedora into the ring of productivity.

I have been following David Seah’s blog for some time now, and have been intrigued by his sweet suite of productivity tools, called The Printable CEO Series:

These are all very cool tools that make goal setting, project planning and task execution orderly and fun. Yes, I said “fun.” He has made the process of getting things done (GTD) into a sorta’ game where you track your progress by awarding points to each item, then reward yourself after “winning.” I highly recommend that you skip on over and either download his free forms or even purchase some of the pre-printed merchandise.

It appears to be a great system (I have not used it…yet, just admiring it). One comment that I have is that there appears to be excellent big-picture, 10,000 ft-view (re: annul/quarterly/monthly) tools: compact calendar, concrete goal tracker, and excellent minutae, 100 ft-view (daily/hourly) tools: emergent task planner, emergent task timer, task order up, task progress tracker), but a lack of the mid-range, 1,000 ft-view (weekly) tools. This is probably because my lack of understanding or lack of digging in deep and using them, but nevertheless, I give you the:

The Weekly Project Planner (PDF)

With all accolades to Mr. Seah, I offer my draft of a weekly project view/review tool that might integrate with The Portable CEO Series. My version is loosely based on the above, albeit not as graphically sexy, but hopefully the utility will show itself.

It is divided up into three sections:

  1. Projects Area: allows for 6 simultaneous projects per week (don’t kid yourself, we are all trying to get things done, any more than six and your are crazy). Each project gets a prioritized box (1-6), in that box you write the ‘big idea’ and/or goal that needs resolved this week. Use David’s tools to break that goal into small tasks.
  2. Project Calendar: a 7-day, simple box calendar where you can write project-related deadlines and appointments for this week. This is not a place to keep lunch dates and non-project activities, this is a weekly dashboard for the top project events of the week.
  3. Project Scribbles: is a memo/doodle/scribble area for brainstorming the weekly project plan(s).

Please comment, or make suggestions to this tool.

Thank you, David, for all of the great work you have done.


Here are more articles to help with homeschooling from a biblical worldview:

A Biblical View of Mathematics

Creation and Mathematics; or What Does God Have To Do With Numbers?

I have not (yet) read this paper, but the concept is very interesting:

Redeeming Physics: Biblical and Theological Resources for a God-Centered Approach.

In our homeschool, we are trying to make everything based on a biblical worldview. My oldest child is eight (third grade), but this will come in handy soon.

(HT: JT @ Between Two Worlds)

Maybe it is just me, but the greatest personal benefit of web2.0 to me is not the “social” aspect, but the tagging. I am a digital pack-rat; I always have been. The problem with being a pack-rat in the paradigm of folder/file is actually finding the stuff. Folder hierarchy can get quite complicated quickly: if it is too broad, you can’t find anything; if it is too deep, you can’t find anything.

Solution: tagging.

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I just updated my blog to the new Tarski theme and added a custom header of the “frozen banditos” (from L2R):

  • Eeyore
  • Rabbit
  • Pooh
  • Tigger


Here is an interesting article about the iPod.

The cool part is not so much about the history of the iPod (although interesting), but about the design process.

A new report by the AIA (of which I am a member) states:

“there is strong evidence that adequate lighting is essential for staff performing visual tasks in hospitals, and poor lighting conditions can result in errors.”

So you are telling me that performing surgeries and other procedures with adequate lighting actually reduces errors?

What will they find next? Maybe the next report will state that if healthcare providers wash their hands on a regular basis, infections will be reduced.

Question #1: Who paid for this report, and for how much?

I could have provided a more entertaining finding with half the money.

Question #2: Are these the same researchers that the government hires as well?

I need to pick up this gig for some extra ca$h.

Grand Canyon

declare the glory of God,
and the sky above proclaims his handiwork

I was hit with a new business idea today; maybe it is good, maybe it is bad. I have been thinking about a “side” business for some time.

Let me know.

Some background:

On Good Friday (April 2006), my county was hit with a massive hail storm. The majority of the hail damage was within the urban center of the major city. Many of my friends’ homes had damage, such as: roof damage, siding damage, window damage, and even HVAC damage (the condensing unit outdoors). There were also numerous cases of damage to automobiles. Tens-of-thousands of homes and autos were damaged by this event.
Praise the LORD, neither our home, nor either of our cars were damaged!

I met with two of my friends last night and they were discussing the headache it is to get quotes from multiple contractors and deal with the insurance company. The get a quote or quotes but they really don’t know what the cost should be. Are they getting ripped off? Just because all of the quotes are close, it does not make it a good price. And how do they know they are working with reputable companies? Some research the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List, but this is a big deal to go it alone.

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I am fasting today as part of a proclaimed fast by the elders the church. We are seeking the face of the LORD about a building campaign: should or shouldn’t we? Actually, concerning the proposed building project, the leadership has given many solid reasons for building a larger church facility, but is it the what God wants?

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