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I have recently (twice in the last month) played “Settlers of Catan” (and wiki). It is an amazingly-fun game!

Quickly, it is a role-playing game that is a mix of “Risk” “Monopoly” and “The Game of Life.”

Strategy, negotiation, resource allocation, intrigue…it has it all!

It can take as long as Risk and Monopoly (I guess), but it hasn’t in my experience. One cool aspect of the game is that the board is unique each time it is played!

I have never played one of the “Sim” games, but I imagine it is a board-game version of that genre.

Check it out!

(BTW: for alternate or shorter versions of Monopoly, check out Seth’s page here.)

Another lo-fi game we like to play with our children is called “Pass the Pigs.” It is like playing craps with swine! It forces them to do addition quickly in their heads, and it is buckets ‘o fun.

Game on!


The following is a devotional meditation I wrote for my children’s school. They meet once a week (homeschool fine arts co-op), and each week a different father is asked to provide the devotional meditation for grades K-8 (lower/upper grammar and dialectic). Here goes:

Have you ever done work in a garden; or have you ever seen a farmer work in a field? There are two big events that take place when farming: one in the springtime and the other in the fall.
The big activity in the springtime, when the farmer scatters the seed is called “sowing. Then, in the fall, the farmer needs to gather his crops; that is called reaping (or harvesting).
Just like a farmer sows seed in the ground to reap fruit later, we must sow seed in our hearts to reap good later. Following are some observations about sowing and reaping.

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