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This site outlines some metrics not often discussed about the two Superbowl XLI teams, such as Salary per Yard, Salary per Touchdown and others.

Receiving Report

Rushing Report

Passing Report

Defense Report

These reports may answer some questions like: Who is the best passer/rusher/receiver or defender for the money?

These reports are nice, interactive analysis tools.




What is BIGGER than the Superbowl?

According to Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts:

According to Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears:

Visit Beyond the Ultimate to see more.

This from Google Trends:

Colts v. Bears

The above graph shows the volume of search traffic and news reference of the term “Colts” (in blue…of course) and the term “Bears” (in orange…go figure).

Is this just the difference between a “small market” team (re: Indianapolis Colts) and a “large market” team (re: Chicago Bears)?

AFC Champions Indianapolis Colts


NFC Chumpions Chicago Bears

We have hosted a Superbowl party for the last eight years, but this year will be the best, since the home team will be on the screen!

Miami, here we come: SUPERBOWL XLI.




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