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In a previous post I shared my recent trials with auto service.

I have a question for the PF blogging community:

  • What do you use to track/schedule/budget regularly-scheduled auto maintenance service? I want to track date, cost, mileage, what was done, what was recommended, and warranty information. I would also like to be alerted of future service needs based either on date or mileage.

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I just took my car into shop for my regular LOF service.

As I was driving to the shop I noticed a low humming noise while applying the brakes. The car must have known it was going in for service and it decided to start moaning about all that ails it.

After dropping it off and asking the guy for the LOF service, tire rotation, and, by the way, the brakes started making a noise this morning I was off to work.

The shop called later in the day with the news, the experts recommended the following services:




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