Sorry for the lack of posting, but with taking time off to be with family, then re-entering the workforce, painting two bedrooms, taking two children (Pooh then Eeyore) to the Emergency Room two days apart and [culminating] yesterday, by smashing Rabbit’s finger in the door of the van (and thus another trip to the doctor’s office this morning) we have been quite busy.

I think my family is trying to spend all of my Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) money by the end of the first month, oh no!

Hopefully, I will be back soon.


Pooh had a strep infection which presented itself as shooting abdominal pains (we thought she may have had appendicitis). Ten days and 20 doses of antibiotics later, she seems to be fine.

Eeyore seemed to have the exact same acute symptoms just two days (12/31/06) later: doubled-over, scream in pain; alas, he was just constipated. A regiment of an enema (my first to administer, a joy) and stool softeners along with daily BM reports to mom and normal eating has cleared up his problems. I don’t think he was ever contageous.

Yesterday (01/07/07), I was taking Tigger and Rabbit with me to pick up chinese food while mom painted Rabbit’s room, and on the way out, accidentally, Tigger slammed Rabbit’s right, ring finger in the sliding door of the van-ouch! She is wearing a splint now; the doctor said it may be broken, but that is all she is going to do.

Crises averted (for now), that is enough excitement for one year already…when will it be 2008?