Check this out from the IRS Website: you can receive a telephone tax refund for 2006 only. According to the IRS:

“In general, anyone who paid the long-distance telephone tax will get the refund on their 2006 federal income tax return.”

“The IRS is making it easier for taxpayers by offering a standard refund amount between $30 and $60, so they don’t need to gather old phone bills. Taxpayers who choose the standard amount will only need to fill out one line on their tax returns. The standard amount is based on actual telephone usage data and the amount applicable to a family or other household reflects the long-distance phone tax paid by similarly sized families or households. Using this amount is the easiest way for taxpayers to get their refunds and avoid gathering 41 months of old phone records.

Businesses and nonprofits must fill out the new Form 8913 and base their refund requests on the actual amount of tax they paid.”

“Individual taxpayers can take a standard amount from $30 to $60 based on the number of exemptions claimed on their tax return. For those claiming:

one exemption, the standard refund amount is: $30
two exemptions, the standard refund amount is: $40
three exemptions, the standard refund amount is: $50
four exemptions or more, the standard refund amount is: $60″

The catch is:

“To get the telephone tax refund, you must have paid the tax. If you don’t have your telephone bills, the only way to be sure if you paid the tax for long distance is to check with your service provider.”

Sign me up for the $60!