Men don’t use non-word words; sometimes we don’t use words at all. Women use these like weapons; they also use words in ways that men do not. Jabbok has listed some common ones.

Here are some more:

  1. Now: when a woman says now she means five minutes ago (refer to Jabbok’s #2).
  2. We: in reference to a task, it means “you” and it means “now” (refer to #1); i.e. “can we rake the leaves on Saturday.” In referenece to spending time together it means “without the kids and without a television.”
  3. Please: really a command not a request, if you know what is good for you.
  4. Maybe: literally meaning “depending on my mood later.”
  5. Date: not just an event, but a pre-planned, man-initiated, time-put-into it including, but not limited to calling and obtaining childcare. If we (refer to #2) happen to be somewhere, but you did not plan it, it is not a date. If your mother calls and asks to watch the kids this weekend, it is not a date. If the woman plans it, you get no credit for the date.
  6. Fat: in reference to herself, it could mean no more than 5 pounds; in reference to a good friend, it could mean more in the order of over 35 pounds.
  7. Sale: means for a woman that it cost less than she expected; for a man it means that it cost less than was budgeted.