Wow! I had an excellent weekend; here is a recap:

  • Friday night church small flock group (SFG) meeting was excellent! The centrality of Christ in everything is paramount!
  • I spent Saturday morning and afternoon with my children. I took Rabbit & Eeyore with me to Rabbit’s Upward basketball evaluation; she did great and I enjoyed the time with Eeyore in the stands watching Rabbit and listening to him giggle throughout the Three Stooges shorts on my 30GB Video IPod. I love his laugh. Then after some errands, we returned home and raked/collected over 30 bags of leaves (and that was just the front yard)! All four “helped” mom and dad rake and bag leaves: Rabbit and Eeyore were really big helpers the entire time (some 4 hours) while Pooh and Tigger enjoyed playing in the leaves with our dog, Biscuit, and holding the leaf bags when needed. I love spending time with my family, even if it is working together; the LORD has blessed me greatly.
  • Saturday evening, my mother came over and watched the kids and my wife and I went out on the town (for a real date, no less). We had a great time; although we had planned “just” a dinner and a movie, it was much more. We had dinner at Noodles & Company where they served my wife the wrong dish; they returned minutes later with a piping hot order of what she had ordered and a free dessert! Then we went to see One Night with The King (see trailer below) which was a well-done film adaptation of the Book of Esther. We ran into some friends at the movie (parents of 5 out on a date also, no less) so we went out for coffee and dessert to discuss the movie, family and life.
  • Sunday my mother went to church with us (which was great). Afterward, we went to lunch at Fazoli’s and threw down dozens of hot, buttered, garlic-ey breadsticks. Lunch over, my mother returned home, we put the two little ones down for naps and rested ourselves. Friends of ours invited us to a concert that evening: Audio Adrenaline and Mercy Me. These were free tickets (for the four of us) on the floor about twenty rows back. It was great, and I must be too old because it was very loud. It was so christo-centric and worshipful. So, my wife got some adult time two evenings in a row.
  • Upon returning from the concert, my wife and I snuggled up on the couch and watched the remainder of the Colts/Patriots game, which ended splendidly (btw, nice catch Marvin).

Q: What does Indianapolis have that Chicago doesn’t?

A: An 8-0 record!