Warning, spoilers ahead!

Flashback Summary

Sawyer is in prison after “The Long Con” flashback episode where he stole the money from his partner-in-crime. She visits him in prison and tells him he has a daughter: Clemintine. She and her daughter live in Arizona. Sawyer works with the warden and the FBI to con a convict out of money he had stolen. He receives a “finder’s fee” for the help and is released from prison. He has then entire fee deposited into an account in his daughter’s name; the only condition is that she can never know from who it came.

Island Summary

Primarily concerning the captives: Jack, Sawyer and Kate. The woman that Sun shot dies on the operating table after Juliet brings in Jack for help. Sawyer tries to electricute Benjamin but ends up getting the tar knocked out of him. Later, he wakes up strapped to a table where he receives (I assume) a shot of adrenaline directly in his sternum. He then wakes up to find out that he has been implanted with a pacemaker which will cause his heart to explode if he gets too excited. He then is escorted back to his cage like a puppy with his tale between his legs. After some observation by ‘The Others’ we find out [maybe] that he really doesn’t have a pacemaker–they just wanted to see how he would react. Benjamin notes that he was more concerned about what they might do to Kate than his own well-being.


  • Does Kate really love Sawyer? She said she did; then she said she didn’t–that she only said it to keep Sawyer from getting clobbered (more). But then she stayed in the cage after being able to escape. See below for my theory.
  • If ‘The Others’ and the captives are truly on another island…then (last episode) how did the Others get to Sayid, Jin and Sun and the boat? Why does Benjamin want the boat so bad? It appears they have communication w/ the mainland and could leave if they want. Why didn’t Rousseau or the Losties ever see the other island?
  • Why were they [making?] Jack watch cartoons? What is the significance of what he was watching?
  • What about the giant foot statue?


  • Henry Gale /Benjamin Linus is the one with the tumor on his spine (Jack said it was a man in his mid-40s) that Jack is there to save. This is the obvious conclusion that the writers want people to assume, so I will assume this is not correct. Who could it be?
  • Kate loves Sawyer, not Jack. Girls always go for the ‘bad’ guys. She clearly is attracted to him and they have some shared experiences (remember Truth or Dare?). This may not materialize until much later, but that is where my money is firmly placed. This also means that Sawyer will be killed soon after her [true] feelings are known. Now, I am not saying that Sawyer will reciprocate. I think that Kate will lay it on the line and Sawyer will…leave her hanging; he likes to be in control. Sawyer will die with Kate never knowing if he did love her or not; that will haunt/comfort her for all her life. Jack’s story is not about love: he is the hero, and like Spider-man, he cannot have the girl in order to save her.


  • Benjamin, though meek-looking can not only take quite a beating, but can also deliver one!
  • Desmond, once again, appears to have seen the future. He built a lightning rod to protect Claire and her baby.


  • ?

I also understand that ABC will continue to air the show on February 8, 2007 after the hiatus.

wadda you think?