Last night’s episode was different than “normal.”

We learned more about Locke via a flashback that appeared to take place (sequentially) after all his others. He joined a pot-growing, praying, hippie commune seeking love and acceptance he did not receive from his father nor his girlfriend. Locke also built a smokehouse in order to “talk to the island.” While in there, he saw a vision of Boone taking him through the airport, telling him that he needs to save someone. Locke determines it is Eko whom he needs to save.


  • Why was Locke mute after the hatch implosion?
  • Why was Desmond nekked after the hatch implosion?
  • What far-reaching consequences did the not pushing of the button cause? (The escape of the polar bear? Where did it escape from?)
  • How did Desmond know the contents of Locke’s “speech” before he gave it?
  • Why was Hurley working in the airport terminal (typing in the numbers, no less) in Locke’s vision?
  • Who was the”new” survivors back at the camp? I didn’t recognize a man and a woman.
  • Boone stated in Locke’s vision that he “needed to save his family.” Is that referring to the LOST-survivor-family or his hippie-commune-family, or his family-family?
  • Why was Henry Gale Ben patting down Jack at the security checkpoint in Locke’s vision?
  • Is Eko injured or dead?


  • Locke is the new “leader” of the camp now that Jack has been captured.


  • The kid that Locke picked up in his flashback was wearing a band’s t-shirt (I can’t recall the band’s name); this was the same band who’s record was played inside the hatch.


  • There is another polar bear on the island…or is there?

As usual, more questions arise than answers given.