Design is important. I don’t just say that because I am an architect, but because it is. Design follows only after a creator; design can not follow chaos.

The LORD God created all things. Man is created in His image. Ever since our creation, man has designed “stuff.” Sometimes the best design is not appreciated because it is ubiquitous. Design is appreciated by two types of people:

  • the avant-garde: usually the first movers to embrace design while the populace may even think it poor design
  • the populace: when design is successful at this level it has reached the tipping point (think pop culture, pop art, pop music).

Anyway, the Chicago Tribune is asking the populace our opinion of “Grand Designs.”

It reminds me of the book “Small Things Considered” by Henry Petroski.

Look around and see what God made; see what man has made and let me know what are some of your favorite designs?