I am trudging reading through Leviticus as part of my daily reading plan. It is tedious, and that has prompted these thoughts:

  • Praise the LORD for the sacrificial atonement of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ! Jesus is the once-for-all sacrifice for my sins; I no longer need to methodically present continuous sacrifices before a Holy God.
  • Sin is serious. Sin is such a big deal that the LORD made a way, through the Law, to relate that seriousness to his people.
  • Jehovah is Holy, Holy, Holy. The sacrifices and ordinances are there for a number of reasons, but one is that the LORD is Holy and man is not; therefore, for man to have a right standing before a Holy God, a sacrifice is required.
  • Man is sinful by nature. I am not talking about original sin, even though that is true, but man does not have a tendency to sin, but man does sin because man is sinful.
  • Jesus is the perfect fulfillment of the Law and the prophets (see Hebrews).
  • Religion-man’s attempt to reach God-is futile. The lesser cannot reach the greater; the greater must condescend to the lesser for there to be any relationship.
  • The Law is a tutor to lead us the Christ.