Family worship, in our home, has been on-and-off.

But mostly off.

Let me offer background (brief summary):

Our family began in the summer of 1995 when my bride and I exchanged vows before God and man. Rabbit hopped into our lives in January 1998. Eeyore strolled in January 1999. After giving my wife plenty of rest, Pooh joined us in May 2001. Finally (so far), Tigger bounced into our family in September 2002.

Our lives have been busy (doing the math…4 kids in 4+ years time), but life is busy; if it is not busy, is it life? Anyway, with career, church, kids, moving, and everything else, my lack of discipline blossomed (…or is that shriveled…I don’t know, I’ve lost track). The fact is, I was never really disciplined in the first place, just having so much time and focus devoted to raising children distracted me even more from proper disciplines; such as: prayer, Bible reading, memorizing scripture, meditation, but also including exercise, eating properly, flossing, reading good books, and dating my wife.

You see, I started walking with the LORD in college, coinciding with my involvement in Campus Crusade for Christ. It was during this season that I really begain to read the Bible, consistently, ever. By consistent, I mean a few times a month; nothing glamorous. But growth did occur.

Anyway, I have begun leading family worship on a consistant basis; we are working our way through the Westminster Shorter Catechism. I am using the book, Training Hearts, Teaching Minds by Starr Meade to help with the daily plodding through the question/answers.