I am fasting today as part of a proclaimed fast by the elders the church. We are seeking the face of the LORD about a building campaign: should or shouldn’t we? Actually, concerning the proposed building project, the leadership has given many solid reasons for building a larger church facility, but is it the what God wants?

Therefore, through “much prayer and fasting” we seek His face. The elders called for 40 days of fasting and prayer. My wife and I have been fasting two days per week during this forty-day period.

Some questions that come to mind concerning all this:

  • What is [or are, if many] good/bad reasons for building a larger facility (or not)?
  • How can we know the will of God concerning this (or anything not expressly stated in the Bible)?
    • answer to prayer (what, exactly, does that mean; what does it look like)
    • my own opinion concerning this issue
    • the pastors & elders leading concerning this issue
  • Once [or if] the decision to build arrives, how do you balance the quality/quantity of the proposed design solution?
    • Size vs. quality vs. $.
    • Theology of church Building (the architecture, not the people).
    • Theology of Church building (the people, not the architecture).

Oh LORD, please reveal your will concerning this building project. Give wisdom to our pastor and the elders about the next step in our corporate walk with you. Please, do not let this move forward if it is not your will; reveal to us your will, LORD. I pray that whether “yes” or “no” that you would be absoutely clear. I pray for unity in our people. I pray that you would provide blessings for faithful obedience.

LORD, show yourself to me. LORD, I am such a weak vessel; my prayers are dry, hollow. Fill me LORD with your Holy Spirit. Enable me to feel your presence just as I know your presence is real. Help me in the leading of my family in holy obedience. Purify my heart from the wickedness within. I pray that my light may shine in this dark world.

For your glory, Amen.