Exodus 29 details the consecration of the priests: the sacrificing of a bull and two rams.

Exodus 30 describes the specifications for the alter of incense, the bronze basin, and gives the recipie for the anointing oil and incense.

An observation: I just can’t imagine the totality of the sensual experience that worshipping according to the Law. Just think,

the sights: gold, silver, bronze, beautiful tapestries, jewels, fire, thousands of people, the tabernacle;

the smells: roasting flesh from sacrifices, the smell of the animals waiting to be slaughtered, the incense and oil, the blood;

the sounds: the recitation of the Law, the bleating of the sheep and goats, the snorting of the bulls, the singing;

the feeling: as the head of the household, placing your hands on the animal that is to be sacrificed on behalf of you, the ceremonial washing;

the taste: roasted and boiled meat of the sacrificed animals, herbs, bread and cakes, oil, wine.

It must have been such a richly sensory experience that was burnished into the minds and hearts of the faithful. It must also have been a very hands-on, dirty, and ritualistic affair. This is our God; he will be worshipped only how he determines.

He has made a better way, a “new and living way,” through his Son, Jesus.

Amen, maranatha!